Victorian Shoe Etui from Acorn House Designs

Victorian Shoe Etui

Create your own heirloom piece.

Based on a Victorian-era antique I purchased at market, I knew immediately I was going to have to figure out a way to make my own. Well, a year later I have my version ready to unveil. It was a year of trial and lots of error, but I hope you'll be pleased with the results. I've taken it upon myself to do most of the hard part for you. Each piece of your shoe has been pain-stakingly handmade with care, so that you will be able to easily create your own incredible heirloom. Enjoy!

Chart includes finishing instructions, pattern for lid, the shoe upper, heel/sole, hinge pins(2) and tassel brad.

Model stitched on 36ct French Lilac from Picture This Plus
Gloriana silk and Princess Petite Perle are used
Schoolgirl Gold Thimble from Embellishing Bits
Large and Small Gold Vineyard Scissors from Kelmscott Designs

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